Hello! I'm Ernesto, I'm a developer with more than 6 years of experience, I'm passionate about the Internet and new technologies in general. My beginnings were in .Net, but in the last years I have worked more with PHP, especially Laravel-Livewire, and Javascript in general, although a little more with VueJs. I am currently immersed in mobile app development with dotNet Maui and C#.

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  • Age 29
  • Country Cuba
  • e-mail
  • Status Avaiable
  • Skills C#,PHP, MySql, JS, Bootstrap, VueJs, ReactJs, CSS, Jquery,Laravel

Certifications and Education

Build Mobile and Desktop Apps with .Net Maui

2022 Microsoft

Trofeo Microsoft. Verificar here

Laravel Certification

2022 OpenBootcamp

Aptitude test on the PHP Laravel framework. Verify here

PHP Certification

2022 OpenBootcamp

Aptitude test on the PHP Laravel framework. Verify here

Front-End Development Libraries

2022 FreeCodeCamp Certification

Specialization course in Bootstrap, Jquery, Saas, React and Redux. Verify here

Responsive Web Design

2022 FreeCodeCamp Certification

Specialization course in HTML and CSS. Verify here

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

2022 FreeCodeCamp Certification

Specialized course in Javascript and ECMAScript 6+. Verify certification here

Introducción a la Programación

2022 OpenBootcamp

Exámen del curso Introducción a la Programación. Verificar here

Electromechanical engineer

2016 Instituto Superior Minero Metalúrgico de Moa

Graduated in Electromechanical Engineering after having studied in the period 2011-2016


Computer Science Specialist

2022-Presente Universidad de Moa "Dr. Antonio Núñez Jiménez"

-Maintenance to Computer Systems
-Development of Software Solutions
-Operating Systems Administration

Freelance Web Developer

Jul 2016 - Presente

-Web applications development
-Database design
-Web design
-Applications for mobile devices

Design Specialist

Sep 2019 - Ago 2022 Empresa Mecánica del Níquel

-Design and Engineering
-Software development
-Process automation

Technical specialist

Jul 2016 - Nov 2018 Empresa Constructora de Obras para el Turismo

-Project development
-Process automation


Web development

Layout, design and development of websites, blogs, custom pages


Application development for Windows

API development

Custom API development

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform application development